Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 4 Stickam Session: The Creative Commons Solution

We finished our Stickam chat tonight.  It was very interesting to hear from teachers already in the field (Katie, Seann, Felisa & Claudio).  I liked Felisa's comment on how teachers should be more respectful of students and they will get that respect in return.  I think Katie brought up a very interesting question about teaching Netiquette in the classroom.  Seann's response made the most sense: it has to be right for the situation at hand.  You have to know your students and what the goals of the class are before you tell them the invisible "ins and outs" of traversing the ether of the "Interwebs".  I have really enjoyed working with this team again this month.  Dr. Bustillos has been awesome to work with.  He has helped shed light on some areas of concern that I have been running into with implementing these ideas in a real world situation.  The Creative Commons resources are very important for any teacher that is wanting to teach their students about copyrights and trademarks.

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  1. Thanks Michael. BTW, thanks for the credit, but I haven't quite finish my doctorate work yet.