Friday, October 23, 2009

Week 4: Show Me What You've Learned Project

The first part of this blog will summarize what I have learned in class over the past four weeks a la comic book art...

The second part of my blog will go over the media aspect of my thesis project.  I will begin shooting and editing a short documentary that I will be incorporating into a website that will supplement my thesis.  The documentary will highlight the Professional Development efforts of the Knox County school system in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I will interview several teachers and students and post their responses to my research.  I am hoping that the website will help shed more light on the growing need for professional development in my state.  Almost a third of the teachers are unable to use or teach 21st Century classroom technology.  My website will also feature what efforts are working, what practices are helping the teachers as well as case studies and research showing the direct correlation between a student's success and a teacher's pedagogical use of technology.  I have had a blast in this class and look forward to using the skills and ideologies in this class to further strengthen my thesis.  Below you will find a rough mock-up of my website so far.  I will be using Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop to create the website.  I will use Final Cut Pro to edit the documentary and post it in Flash format on my website.




Here are all of the attributions for the works I am submitting for this project.  All of these photos were obtained legally through

Baby Photo

Care Bears Photo

Lego Copy Machine Photo

Cigarette Guy Photo

Vinyl Record Photo

Podcasts Photo

Kids on Computer Photo

Star Wars Photo

Wikipedia Photo

Wigs Photo

Logo Programming Photo

Buddha Photo

Napster Photo

Obama Poster Photo

John Kerry Photo

Thesis Photo

Student Photo from Website Mockup

Student Photo from Website Mockup

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  1. Michael, love the comic life summary. Perfect. And the part 2 website looks awesome.