Friday, October 2, 2009

Week 1 Show Me What You Know Project

Gathering, researching and organizing media files is a pretty easy process. The above video (found on YouTube) shows the high importance of Social Media.

There are several websites out there that teachers and presenters can use to find free image and video files for their lessons and presentations:

Free Stock Images
Turbo Photo
The Stock Vault
Every Stock Photo
The Stock Exchange

There are also several Web 2.0 tools that teachers and presenters can use to gather, collaborate and organize media files:

Cell Sea Video Editor
Teacher Tools
Nice Net Classroom Assistant
Zoho Creator
Voice Thread Podcasting Tools
PB Wiki

I have been professionally trained on the Adobe Creative Suite (CS4) as well as Final Cut Pro. I am currently learning Adobe Flash CS4 and ActionScript. Here are links to recent work in my studies:

All images used in Comic Book Presentation are used with
permission © The Stock Exchange 2009

Photo of Adobe CS4 Creative Suite Master Collection Package


  1. yeah, i think you have some skills... :-) love, loved the documentary trailer on the smokies.

  2. Great stuff Mike! When you get ActionScript down and FlashCS4 let me know. Love you work. As always, you ROCK!