Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 1: Focus on Collaborative Education: Eastern Sierra Institute of Collaborative Education

I am going to try and find a different website or organization every week that focuses on Community Intelligence or Collaborative Education.  This week, we'll take a look at the Eastern Sierra Institute of Collaborative Education.  According to the website, they "are a nonprofit organization supporting innovative educational partnerships which enrich the understanding of the environment, science and culture.  Since 1997, they have worked together with organizations that share their passion for the Eastern Sierra to create a new appreciation for this exceptional place and the people that call it home." (2001).

The organization concentrates on collaborative education, research, workshops and two educational programs, the Eastern Sierra Watershed Program and the Roadside Heritage program.  Both programs rely on the collaboration of professionals and members of the Eastern Sierra community to improve science education and conservation of the area.  The program's approaches to science education and service-learning based on research that suggests students who apply classroom knowledge to real world projects acquire an enriched learning experience (2009).

Roadside Heritage Project

Eastern Sierra Watershed Project
(2001). Eastern Sierra Institute of Collaborative Education. Retrieved from

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  1. What an excellent project, to highlight organizations that support or foster collective intelligence or collaborative education. I hope that you generate some buzz with this.